Monday, June 17, 2013

The Offline Glass

Here is a beautiful invention that amuses me as much as the time I watched a friend try to read twitter posts on her phone while drinking a pint.

The Offline Glass

"The beer glass, designed by ad agency Fischer & Friends, was put to use in a bar in Sao Paolo, Brazil called Salve Jorge. The shaved off base creates an indentation that either makes you hold the beer glass and drink it or rest it on your phone and ignore Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text messages and so forth." -Gizmodo

[caption id="attachment_843" align="aligncenter" width="600"]salve-jorge-bar-offline-glass-600-452101 Brazilian bar Salve Jorge is helping aid the next generation in offline gastro pub reality communication[/caption]

One of my favorite places in San Diego is a speakeasy/underground bar that has a strict no cell phone policy. This is mostly because I've lived many years with lack of or completely outdated phone. (Iphone 3 apps are no longer made). My piece of shit phone, which is why my beerporn pictures are as grainy as the misplaced sex shots you find of your mom in the big Home Decor book, has given me long moments of staring into space while my table guests update/inform/insta and like.

By all means, read Tasting Nitch, follow the great beer movement around the world, but give beer (and your friends/reality) the attention they deserve!

The offline glass reminds us that we leave our computers for other reasons then blog content gathering. Wouldn't it be great if people had an internal system in place that could capture moments in time, like a camera? Memory is forgotten. The only industry working to make humanity human again, is the beer culture. 

Thank you again beer for inspiring us to new heights!


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