Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tasting: William's Organic Pale Ale

William’s Organic Pale Ale 4.5% Nitch Rated 2.85

“William's pale ale is a true Australian bew. Clean, fresh citrus flavours make William’s pale ale smooth on the tongue, long on the quench an refreshingly easy to drink."

A: Like cider, clear and apple colored. 3.0

S: Hints of apple or pear with an earthy, green smell. Tickles the nose with something that could be called an "organic" smell. Then a metallic whiff creeps in uncomfortably. 2.5

T: Orange hops dance up front followed swiftly by a metallic zing then rounded out with a barley note. Super light fruit hops, possibly using some Aussie or NZ hops but for sure there are citrus, orange and fruits through out. 3.0

M: Medium carbonation but very crisp. 2.5

O: Carries like a lager with a touch of ale love. Barley opens the beer and the soft Australian hops move it right along to lovely yet predictably dull winner circle of Australian beers. Not bad. Not great. Organic makes me happy. 3.0