Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tastings: Moo Brew


A: red hue when held to light, slow bubbles, light ornage

S: grapes, woodsy, bitter

T: yeast, bread

M: mid

O: like wine with a woody/grain

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tasting- Léonardo

[caption id="attachment_1038" align="alignleft" width="168"]Mystery_Beer Creates intrigue and soothes the palate[/caption]

Here is one of those tricky moments where the internet is unable to help find the where and what of this beer/brewery.

The bottle says that the beer was made for this guy, Francois Loubriat, which can be googled and found  along with a million other guys with the same name. He might have some connection with the Chateau Chambord, seeing as how Chambord food items are mentioned, coupled with the fact that Leonardo Di Vinci has a house near Chambord. The Chamord Chateau itself is renowned for it's Di Vinci created invisable starcase.

The label goes on to state that it is made in Aix Noulette but then gives an address in the Loire valley.

It does have a great snippet at the end stating that it is for the renaissance of beers in the Loire Valley. Me too!

Brassee pour Francois Loubriat

Chambord Gastronomie

A la Brasserie 62160 Aix Noulette

1215 rue de la plaine d’azenne

45370 Clery-St-Andre


Le Renaissance des bieres en Val de Loire


Léonardo 33cl 6.9%

A: Quick falling head with no lace. Mid chill haze with tan color that brightens to orange when in the light

S: Grassy, barn smell with a slightly metallic yeast, light caramel malt

T: Great bitter pop and a lingering soft honey, very earthy

M: Sticky coating on a light body

O: A bitter blonde with a ting on the side palatte, he has a good drinkability but needs a food pairing to shine. Simple and rounded, not an exciting event, but a great display of using local fair.

If at all possible I'm going to try and find out more information about this brew, possibly get a lock on the brewing location and what the back story is with it and the Loire Valley/Chateau du Chambord.