Thursday, November 24, 2011

Australia is Lost!

Fosters Sells to SABMiller

The tear jerking bit is at the end. The CEO finishes with a smile saying that is job is to make sure the people are well looked after and that the company has the right kind of future. Beautifully spoken and yet there is something missing in all this...

At no point does any one of these people talk about the quality of the product. BEER! What about the BEER?! What will happen to the quality of an australia lager is reorganized for mass production? This man is not a brewer. If you pause the video and look very closely you can see the gold coins glinting in his eyes. Dollar signs fuel his smile. He is most likely a wine drinker. Kiss good bye the integrity of yet another brewery.

As if Australia doesn't already have a lack in individuality now they are selling pieces of their finite culture! What is the cost of becoming a concubine? They will have better over seas marketing and shiny new retirement plans, but they will have live with the fact that they will always be in bed with SABMiller. Fosters has become just another notch in a playboy company's bed post. No matter how they try to justify selling themselves, I will mourn the lost of Australia's vestal brewery.

"Fosters! Australian for beer!"
"Fosters! Not actually drank by Australians!"

Not only do most places in Australia not sell Fosters but most people don't buy it where it is available. Lets be honest, it is what Budweiser is now to the U.S. It has a home country and a history but now is simply a poster child for something that is not real. They are all the same lager with different labels.
Budweiser does not define U.S.A and Fosters does not do justice to Australia. But if you are in Japan and want to be cool, you can always crack open an ice cold (and make sure it is cold enough to freeze off your taste buds) Miller lite to impress the friends. So American of you! Having a bbq? Why not make it an Aussie one? Chug some Australian Lager! Which for some reason has much the same ice cold taste as its American counter parts. No worries, its the style you were going for not the quality.

Go Fosters, become SABMiller's whore, we are better off without you.