Sunday, June 2, 2013


The craft bere scene has been steadily upward rising since it's seeds of interest were sown on the west coast of America in the mid 70's. This 15 minute Hopumentary focuses on the San Francisco craft beer scene and people who make the backbone of the culture. Nothing can beat a hopumentary that has an interviewer throw in a fuck word within the first five minutes. Honest, inspiring and very well filmed, this short, while your eating breakfast hopumentary is full of beautiful scenes and comical people. There were moments were I laughed out loud, not just lol'd, I mean threw a thunder bolt of noise through the silent morning kitchen. Light and true but packed with nuggets of golden knowledge like hearing that bars now have about 16 beers on tap that are the constant favorite. 16! From what I remember in Oregon and California it is correct that the average craft beer consumer would know about 16 beers that are must have and the rest are newly becoming favorites or topics for snobbery talk.

Community support is always a ringing bell with these films, which is the reason why craft beer is 7% of the brewing industry but employes 50% of the total brewing staff. We surround ourselves with the things and people we love instead of machines and money. Educational, insightful and short dip into what makes the beer culture, THE culture. Let the good things grow!

The culture of craft beer is why Nitch got obsessed with the brew scene and watching snippets of life across the world like this give more definition to it all. You don't see this kind of spirited individuality in France where the cheapest thing to drink is the only thing that is ordered. The people that make up the craft beer culture are the best, most open minded yet intelligent people on the planet. If the end of the world comes, lets hope that heavy consumption of malt and hops is the antidote to the zombie disease.

Zombies vs Craft beer world- I give humanity a 80% chance of survival. 


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