Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beer Fashion

Beer and fashion are normally two words that cancel each other out- a double negative. Beer fashion tends to constitute brewery t-shirts (sweatshirts if you live in colder areas), an old pair of jeans and some waders for brewing day. But today ladies and gentlemen (we don't discriminate ) TODAY, have I got a treat for you! The brewing process has never looked so fierce as now!

I had one of those moments where the flagrant hot pink loving side of myself comes bursting through the door with ams loads of shopping bags, ready for a fashion show. The beer world doesn't need to be all beer gut and no glam.
Let the inner Beer Diva shine, top and bottom with these fizzy from the feet up beer leggings.



Now that we've determined that looking like your favorite brew can be ravishingly hot, lets imagine her taking a gravity reading and sipping a home brewed porter. That is the future of beer, Nitch style. 

Not enough absurd sexual tension for your day?

Try imagining our brewmaster working out the original gravity of our beer while wearing this:Beer-wear-3-650x974

We can dream can't we?

BlackMilk, the company that makes these quality threads seems to be done with beer bubble themed outfits and has discontinued the fabrication. I'll be trolling ebay for my next Beer Diva brew day outfit.


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