Friday, May 31, 2013

Global Warming Beer

glacier beer

One might think that beer titled "global warming beer" might have something to do with a charity of some kind, but oohhh not so my dear friends. Think more "capitalizing on a shitty situation." The first brewery of the world's largest island,  Greenland Brewhouse takes a few extra chips off the ol' 2,000 year old ice cap and tries to create something magic.

"On July 31 a team of canny entrepreneurs unveiled Greenland Beer, an ale brewed with water melted from Greenland's ice cap, at a public tasting in Copenhagen, Denmark."

Wiki notes that the poor brewery didn't make it well through the years, but the website still has contacts and locations for ordering.

[caption id="attachment_427" align="alignleft" width="461"]060803-warming-beer Global warming beer?[/caption]

"The microbrewery filed for bankruptcy in October 2008. A month later—in November 2008—the main shareholder, Greenland Ventures, decided against further investment in the company and the brewery was declared bankrupt. The main Greenlandic newspaper Sermitisiaq reported the brewery left behind four million kroner in debt."

Being the first inuit brew house is interesting enough to be put on my list of things to do, but showcasing a fancy water source from a dying natural resource might not have been the best move.

We know that water is a VERY important to the composition of beer. People living in the middles ages had a better go at life if they imbibed only beer, like the stupid blond guy from the movie Cabin Fever. These people were able to stay healthier then their water sipping friends because the act of boiling the water removes most of the deadly aspects that can live in contaminated water. That being said, is boiling down the ice cap water going to remove some of those lovely pre historic aspects?

People on the rating sites don't seem overly impressed with the brew with average ratings and mild notes mostly adding things about how they taste thin or light but balance well.

I'll keep an eye out for this one and would love some first hand accounts of this Ice-capped effect on the beer, even if it has nothing to do with saving the planet.Greenland-1

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