Monday, May 27, 2013

Beer Tech

"Don't you hate it when warm beer ruins a perfectly good week day morning?"

Chill Puck to the rescue!

The commercial is a riot but I'll admit that I"m unlikely to purchase this nugget of a gadget. More plastic added to the world and the page for advertising almost makes me sick. It reminds me of those plastic wrist bands that were <are?> a rage fad. I guess Nitch is just a fan of natural thermal progression. Then again, I haven't lived in Arizona in a long time- desert people might surely be in need of this invention.
This miracle worker is filled with a super cold material that defies the laws of physics. This same potion has been used to slow global warming, preserve the body of Michael Jackson, and keep Frosty alive.

NASA wants it...

but we're saving it for YOU.

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