Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beer Autism Hope

Lets take a moment to enlighten ourselves and expand our loving abilities. Beer Autism Hope is a project to help a self taught beer expert finish a life long book dedicated to beer.

First watch this:

Now consider that, instead of donating a kidney or saving children in africa, the least you could do is support your fellow beer advocates <not the website>.

If you haven't already, watch Lance and his family peck out searches on the computer then be astounded by the power of beer.
"Beer is one of those things can bring people together- like cookies," as my grandmother always said.




Donate what you can, then spread the word. It only takes $1 from each beer lover to make dreams come true.

I'm surprised that some breweries haven't jumped on board and offered to feed and house them along the way, if not aiding finically.

Any brewers with a spare room and a heart of gold?!

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