Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let's think on Brew Packs

imagesTaster pack

Variety pack

Holiday pack

Survival pack

Beer can come in an assortment of mix and match ways ranging from Oskar Blue's new CANundrum to classic Sam Adams variety and seasonal sets.

These are all great ideas for people like me, who flow from stout to saison in a single day or breweries that want to offer a pre-packaged dose of holiday cheer but what good do these mix brew packs do?

lSixStyleMixPackMost respectable bottle shops sell beers as individuals anyway, so one can always grab a cardboard box and some ribbon to throw together a persionalized variety set.

Lets warm up the ol' hamster in the wheel- why don't more then one brewery get together to make a truly MIXED set? Granted, from a marketing and sales stand point, who would want buyers picking up beers from a competitor's shelf and profitting along with you. Team work people! TEAM WORK! "Beer is good, although we may not be," as my grandmother always says, so how about we let beer work it's magic without our material gains getting in the way.

How about having four different breweries each make a specific beer for charity, sold only in a combined set. The set would donate proceeds to, something meaningful, like orphaned children. Little Annie Brew Pack. The new family pack!

Beers for better homes.


Eco! All organic pack from brewers who do all organic brews. Part of the proceeds can go to "anti Monsanto infected beer" sign paint.

Too hippy?



Breweries can be the new holiday icon. Proceeds from multi brewery holiday pack go to granting christmas wishes to sad, wide eyes children or IPA lacking inhabitants of foreign countries <cough, cough Nitch>

Children and alcohol not so socially correct?

Global warming! "Cool Beers for a Cool World"


Anti Whaling! "A Whale of a Beer box set to help the Sea Shepard"



Forest fires! "Smokey beers from three breweries who want you to remember that YOU can prevent forest fires"

Okay, lets give the mental hamster a rest for now. Let me know what you come up with!



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