Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tasting- My Beer Company- Citra Galactique

Getting a little summer tasting on from the Paris Brewberry visit, while in the garden of the B&B here in ol' Orleans, France.

MY BEER COMPANY- Citra Galactique IPA 6.5% 33cl 100% FrenchPhoto on 6-7-13 at 4.20 PM

A: Light to medium tan with a rosy under tone and a fast falling creamed head

S: Floral and citrusy with slight red fruit undertones that melt into heaps of sugar malt after warming

T: Cascade pine bitter with well balanced sweet citrus and exotic fruit notes. A hardy malt backbones holds the beer together and comes more to t he front of the beer as the warms with the weather.

M: Medium body bubbles that fade quickly with the heat and, as so often with IPAs, leaves an oily after taste in the mouth.

O: A fantastic IPA sipper with a great balanced and spot on IPA aspects, a gold medal example. The French Man says it tastes like the mountains and smells like summer.

[caption id="attachment_672" align="alignleft" width="300"]levallois-perret Levallois-Perret[/caption]

Thats right people, I have finally been able to get a lock on some purely Français micro breweries! The My Beer Company is located in Levallois-Perret a big French city just outside of Paris, in the Ile-de-France region. The company started in about 2011, as far as can gathered from blog posts, and hav been growing steady since then.

A votre santé! 

A mes amis dans la société de bière de métier et le merci My Beer Company pour ajouter la saveur locale et un contact personnel à la historique beauté de bière couvante. Super IPA!

<Désolé de mon français est horrible, j'essaye toujours>




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  1. Hey,

    Thanks a lot for this tasting comments !
    I'm really glad you liked our IPA. Thanks for taking the time sharing your discoveries. Feel free to send us a message next time you come in Paris. We will be happy to share with you some good spots ... and maybe have a good beer with you.

    Brewer - My Beer Company.