Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crème glacée à la bière or Beer Ice Cream!

The warmer weather has hit middle France and the ice cream shops are popping up all around town. What better way to spend the mid day sunshine then to lick, sip and crunch on flavored iced cream and waffle in your flavor of choice! Nitch's flavor of choice? Beer ice cream, of course! To be specific, it is a sorbet and most the shops are more sorbet then ice cream, maybe closer to a gelato, but I'm not a dessert expert so we'll just go along calling it all ice cream.

IMG_1319As a standard, when the sun is shining, the locals and tourists roam the city streets like feral dogs. Packs of children, elders and desperately well dressed moms pushing baby strollers, require distraction and refreshment or fights will break out. Around every "glacée" stall bounce troll like creatures, foaming at the mouth, contrasted by the slow moving, money toting tribe caretakers. If you can make your way past the sticky hands, whipping pony tails and aged musk, the real challenge of France's warm weather begins. What flavor of ice cream will you mix with another? Unless you've chosen a commercial stall, which offers only vanilla and chocolate, there are a menagerie of flavors ranging from pepper strawberry to salty buttered caramel then back down the line to Belgian chocolate and Tahitian vanilla.

[caption id="attachment_868" align="alignright" width="209"]IMG_1320 Uv radiation never felt so sweet as when one is stuffing their face with chilled items. YUM![/caption]

My first choice was beer ice cream but, seeing as how there is no one in the world over 2 feet tall who orders a single scoop, I was bypassed by two slobbering, sunblock dipped organizations before I was able to decide on a beer pair. Local pear.

Not to be outdone, we've dusted off the ice cream maker and are looking into making some batches ourselves.

Making Beer Ice Cream

Local Chef Charolette had helped Nitch whip up a beer recipe last year with a green apple, ginger and lime lager glacée that turned out exhilarating with a bite of ginger, zing of lime and hints of lager.

Best beer recipes always come from the Beeroness and she fails not in the least with his devilishly decadent number with smokey chocolate porter and candied beer bacon. Wowza!

[caption id="attachment_872" align="alignleft" width="199"]The Beeroness never fails to shock and delight with her beer saturated recipes of delight for every occasion The Beeroness never fails to shock and delight with her beer saturated recipes of delight for every occasion[/caption]

Billy Brew has a great video and blog showing the how to's on beer ice cream making.

There are some companies that have scooped up the market by specializing in the beer ice cream: Frozen Pint- Craft beer ice cream.

Melting my will to look away, this French recipe by 750g has the making of a great summer weekend.

Looking forward to beerifying everything this summer, ice cream maker from the back of the garage- here I come!

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