Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fooled by Pirate beer

logoWhat was I excepting when confronted with a new tap option at the Deliruim Cafe, Orleans? Maybe something local, interesting and for sure nothing I'd really love. Risk taker that I am, I sat with my lower thighs slowly being crafted into the same lined shape as the plastic wicker imitation chair and politely asking (because in France, one does not ORDER from the server, the server gets to you when they are damn well ready), sweetly pointing to the new au fut or cask option with the pirate picture.

Should have know better then to be pulled in by fancy Johnny Depp inspired logos, but I'm a sucker for new things and my local Delirium La Biere Bible non withstanding, does not deliver much in new, innovative or thrill seeking beer options. SO PIRATING WE GO!

CORSAIRE 9% Au fut

IMG_0035A: White and fluffy head, with little slow moving bubbles in a watery yellow body

S: Slight honey smell but mostly nothing with water/wet smell

T: Mild, no alcohol taste but slightly bitter on the finish. Clean and refreshing

M: Medium body

O: Having generally no taste, with only a slight bitter finish at the end that fades quickly, The Pirate beer is a hot weather quencher, high alcohol beer that should be sipped with caution.

I say that I was fooled by this beer, not because it basically tastes like any other light and quaffable brew whipped up in a haze of "get on the trending beer scene" craze, but because (like a good blogger) when I got home I looked up the beer information online.

7 Most Terrifying Pirates

The page is in French, alright- Canadian French. When I'm near the Delirium Cafe again, I'll be less distracted by good conversation and great weather, and ask what the frickles this beer is about. It is shipped all the way from Canada? Not that long shipping is a controversial thing amount consumers these days, but why bring this abstract, newly developed PIRATE beer over when there are so many heart achingly great breweries in the world.

Another failed moment of "drink what you have available and smile."


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