Thursday, June 27, 2013

Craft Beer & Romantic Comedy: Drinking Buddies

Thanks to Good Beer's post, Sign of the End of Times for having brought this future film to Nitch's beer culture light. Rather or not it's a sign of apocalyptic things to come or a way of bringing new lambs into the fold- we shall see.

Drinking Buddies set to hit USA theaters July 25th 2013

For plot summary, cast and crew info, check out IMDB's listing

First off lets just say that Olivia Wilde is HA-ah-Hot!

[caption id="attachment_1105" align="alignnone" width="614"]olivia-wilde-wallpapers If you missed Ms. Wilde's shoot with Flaunt Magazine here is a video- Oh MY![/caption]

Once we get over the leading actress's striking beauty and charisma then we can move on to more importnat issues: beards and beer.

This is a romantic comedy that grabs on the trendy train of craft brewing and with that locomotion of cool the leading male actor, a brewer, must have a beard. If you are going to have a craft brewery then the brewer MUST be bearded as the cliche states (that makes Nitch chuckle). Dead on, I guess, most brewers are or used to be bearded as a way to display how earthy, manly and generally opposed to the norm they are. See Rogue's brew master and beard beer creation for examples on why beards are importnat to the beer culture but also (because it's Rogue) an awkwardly fading trend.

Turning back to comment on Good Beer's take on Drinking Buddies: Yes, there are much better movies in the world, new and old, in a range of genres including romantic comedies (a style which Nitch is my no means an expert.) No, this film doesn't mainstream craft beer because craft beer has been mainstreaming itself for a few years already. In Oregon (as current news has been gushing over) craft beer is the standard so backgrounding a romantic comedy with a brewery would be the same as setting a film in an automotive company in Michigan in the 1980's. On the other hand it does place brewing beer within the ranks of a normal job when viewed by people outside the Oregon/Cascade bubble.

Most importantly we'll have to see how they handle what, in what way and how much will beer effect the characters in the film. Will Drinking Buddies be drinking light beer, dark beer, the same or different through out the movie and most importantly will craft breweries in the real world make a cameo appearance?

[caption id="attachment_1104" align="alignright" width="266"]is the future of craft beer going to go the same route as Grey Goose and Patron? is the future of craft beer going to go the same route as Grey Goose and Patron?[/caption]

Honestly, I think it will be an okay movie. It isn't going to change anything or move anyone, but it will have some laughs, maybe some insights and give a beer geek a reason to sip beer along with the tv.

I can't imagine we'll get this movie over here in France but I'll download it as soon as the internet has it available.

All beer things considered. 



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