Friday, June 7, 2013

Art- Beer Coffee Table

coffe tableMeet the beer coffee table, as must <not> have for any beer enthusiast. There are time when the love of beer goes over board as often seen with things like decorative beer koozies and the interior of Belgium pubs. Our friend here the beer coffee table is one of those examples of companies trying to reach out to the beer drinking group with slimy tentacles of injustice. No one <hopefully> wants this adorning their beer cave, but the marketing team has a wonderful job of convincing people that a fizzy yellow suds top is exactly the kinda image you need printed on your table to make it the perfect above Ikea standard furniture piece.

With elegant designs and colorful prints of banjado table creates an impressively atmospheric and modern living environment. As an exclusive eye-catcher this table enchants her home and evaluates every living room in style. Through its simple design, the table banjado perfect integration into a wide range of individual housing concepts.

Can't hold it against them for trying though, silly Germans. Maybe we can get this for out SIMS house. 


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