Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Foothill Farms Hop Head Destination


Hops Galore!!

Foothill hop farms is a Madison county, NY hop tourist extravaganza, with museums on the 200 year old hopping history of the location and a hop shop to furnish all your needs in resin. Fairly making Foothill Farms a Hop Head Destination! The farm is closely linked with and inspired by the Madison county Hop Festival.


They are mostly organic

Growing 10 hop different varieties

Working with 8 different local (and some not local) craft breweries:
Butternuts Beer and Ale -Garrattsville, NY

Empire Brewing Company - Syracuse, NY

Flying Bison - Buffalo, NY

Good Nature Brewing - Hamilton, NY

Manor House Brewing - Ringwood, NJ

Rohrbach Brewing Co. - Rochester, NY

Rooster Fish - Watkins Glen, NY

Throwback Brewery - North Hampton, NH

And there is a Hop Shop!

Goats Milk and Hops Soap, Beer and Hop Shampoo, Hop Pillows and More

Hop infused mustard

Bitter Sweet Hot and Spicy Beer and Hop Mustard


Spiced Northern Brown Malt and Hops Mustard

Most interesting of all is the W-Clip applicator to anchor your hops growing twine into the ground.  Strong and sturdy.  Now painted Bright Yellow for easy visibility.

Alas for the moment the online aspects of the site are lacking. No ordering these items, other then the mustard and the W-Clip. Sounds like a fantastic hop head travel destination! Most folks aren't even aware that hops were primarily an east coast thing until a blight knocked them all out and the west became the new thriving hop land.
 Hops first came to America from Europe around 1630. Small crops were produced for many years, probably to supply small breweries and taverns, and began to emerge as a major crop in New York around 1830. By mid-century, due to excellent yields and good market prices, hop production assumed feverish proportions. By 1849 New York had attained the national leadership in the production of hops, and by 1855 the region was raising well over three million pounds annually.

Upstate Alive Magazine. (Cooperstown, NY) 1996, 1:4

by Richard Vang

Add it to your hop head travel roster!



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