Friday, June 21, 2013

Quote- A Glass of Old English Ale

 Duttons_OBJ_Old_English_Ale_1960They talk about their foreign wines – Champagne and bright Moselle-

And think because they’re from abroad, that we must like them well,

And of their wholesome qualities they tell a wondrous tale;

But sour or sweet, they cannot beat a glass of old English Ale.

D’ye think my eye would be as bright, my heart as light and gay,

If I and “old John Barleycorn” did not shake hands each day?

No, no; and though teetotalers at malt and hop may rail

At them I’ll laugh and gaily quaff of old English Ale.

-J. Caxton, from the song “a Glass of Old English Ale”images-1

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