Monday, June 10, 2013

Thirsting For- Dual Beer Glass


It will soon no longer be needed to slap incompetent bartenders repeatedly in the face after failures to properly poor half and half brews nor try drink two different beers at the same time through straws. HELLO DUEL BEER GLASS!

Suspiciously sex toy looking, Dual Beer Glass was created by Pretentious Beer Glass Company living up to it's name in new and outlandishly snobby ways. Not only will you choke on the price tag but you are likely to need an inhaler to revive you from the shock of discovering new pairs to match up.

"The Dual Beer Glass is not just the solution to the problem of using a jig to properly pour those types of beers, but it allows you to mix any two beers, even ones that have similar viscosities. A wonderful secondary benefit to this glass is that you can smell the bouquet of both beers simultaneously, where normally you only smell the beer that settles on top."

The possibilities!

images-3DuClaw's Sweet baby Jesus peanut butter Porter and Samuel Smith's Organic Strawberry for a peanut butter and jelly!

images-1Well's Banana Bread Beer and

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier for a mouth of bread, bananas and bubbles!images

images-5Calapooia Chili Beer and DogFish Head 90 minute IPA for face melting effects!


images-7Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen Smoked Beer and Gulden Draak to create a smoked malt bomb!




Maui Coconut Porter and Lindeman's Cherry Kriek for cherry coconut dessert!images-9

BWAHHAAA I can't help but evil laugh as I mix and create things like an insane Pokemon trainer.  The Dual Beer glass brings new creative highs to an already blazed beer culture. The Frankenstein couplings that were once reluctant to mingle in your mouth, are now possible. What will you choose?


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