Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tasting- Prototype


A collaboration piece between French brewers Pays Flamand and Norwegian Nøgne Ø- Prototype


With a limitied 4,000 bottles released, I'm smitten to have gotten a few on a general run to the out of the way bottle shop we have a few towns over.

A little about the breweries collaborating on Prototype:

Not only is Nøgne Ø Norway's leading supplier of bottle fermented ale, but they are now brewing sake! The website has funky class all over it and I had to surprise in finding their subheading to be "The Uncompromising Brewery...

"...is a plain statement of our mission to craft ale of highest quality, personality and individuality. The alchemists realized that they could only create gold from gold – so have we. Our gold is Maris Otter; Cascade, Centenneal, Chinook and Columbus. We think Maris Otter is the best malt obtainable, hand malted barley in the traditional manner in the UK. The big C’s are full flavored hops, grown in the USA. We only use ingredients of highest quality in order to make beers of uncompromising quality."

Hops from America make one more legit.

While not as "hawaiian shirt" as Nøgne Ø, (their news blog hasn't been updated since 2011) Brasserie du Pays Flamand has their quirks and compliments in line. Snappy bottle labels and awarded medals reach out from the pages saying, 'come visit our brewery store which is open for five hours per day, on unstated days." Brewery tours can be booked for groups over 10 people.

Nitch counts as 9.5 people worth of average beer drinkers, so all I need is a wine drinker to tag along and I'll have enough for a booking!

Brasserie du Pays Flamand is a Flemish Brewery in the Northern France regoin of Blaringhem, bordering on Belgium. Likely that accounts for the strong brewing feet while in France.

But is Prototype any good?!

Brasserie du Pays Flamand/Nøgne Ø- Prototype 7.5% 330mL

A: Black and blacker with some furry brown hints and a massive- almost obscenely huge head that fell at the perfect rate. Enough time to be visually wooed by the huge bubbled head then to sniff away fully the seconds between nose and mouth.

S: Chocolate roasted notes, dryness and a wet grass under pinning

T: Berries, maybe blueberry or myrtle and roasted sugar malts finishing with spices and desserts. All rolled delicately into a mild Porter type.

M: Dry but quenching

O: Exotic and classic. Great blend of traditional style in the porter but the ingredients ring something new and lovely. I'll be popping back into the bottle shop to grab a few more of these before they run out!

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