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Tasting Location- Paris, France- Brewberry

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Tasting Nitch is rockin'n rollin in the streets of Paris once again, flowing with trendy suds and beautiful people that groove with the artesian beat.

Brewberry is located in the #5 sector of the snail shaped Paris, know for it's latin culture, clubbing and ancient architecture. Coming off the metro into a business district, the beer hunter need only find a bearded man and follow him until you hear the clicks of the tourists cameras. The streets between buildings modified by generations of inhabitants, without cars and intimately close, open into a market place of people. Tucked between the rustic buildings and a few stone masoned churches, a small delicately winding alley lures you into the street of pubs and laughter. Brewberry pops out from a low hanging wall between pub & clubs rimmed with security preparing for the night's fiesta. It's miniature outdoor seating is easily walked past and our tall friends will have to be aware of hobbit sized entrance. Size not withstanding the Brewerry is beautifully smooshed into a musky cave at the base of a building likely to have been cut from the earth around the time of Caesar. photo

[caption id="attachment_758" align="alignleft" width="300"]photo (5) Wall to wall in glass and labeling beauty[/caption]

Based on the basic concept of a beer cave, Brewerry is femme powered and it shows. Clean and welcoming with a sophisticated taste that beckons the beer advocate to make a nest for the evening. The decor is low lit, the music is subtle and the walls are lined in the colors and textures of a beer heaven. Organized by country of origin, The United States boasts a full shelf to themselves- literally causing Nitch to squeal with joy seeing San Diego's Green Flash with a Saison Diego- delightful!photo (6)

Not only is there a double wall for Belgium  separate sections of south ameria, ukraine and mixes around the world, but France itself gets a half shelf area. We picked up as many take home bottles as we could safely manage on the metro, ordered a few tastings and swagged ourselves out with the latest in beer fashion.

Brewberry snippets:

Opened around November 2010

3 staff total, including the owner Cécile.
Cécile tipped Tasting Nitch in to a tasting event they would be having with Mikkeller in September that might *wink, wink* have some interesting surprise guests and announcements.

With about 25% of the clientele English speaking, Cécile is fluent in her English and welcomes guests in the smoothest, sweetest manner imaginable. Although there are people from around the world seeking the Brewberry, with it's international appeal, locals in Paris make up the largest part of the business.

Represents craft beer in France at many festivals and celebrations

2nd collaboration will be with Dutch brewery De Molen whom they recently hosted a tasting event with.

Lets get our lips on something other then gossip!

photo (3)1st Brewberry collaboration, made specifically for the biere cave, by Mikkeller's beer mafia member Thomas- Merci beaucoup and we'll order two!

MIKKELLER- Brewberry Beer, sold on pression No draft available, as you can see from the picture, it was served in bottle. TY ABGiP 9% abv

A: Bright rosey hues wave and sparkle like a field of roasted malt. Tan, full head with heavy lacing.

S: Giant hops burst from the glass with red berries and fresh cut grass hiding little hints of pear.

T: Simcoe refreshment and a solid malty backbone with a finish that is tart like a cherry pie.

M: Soft and balanced bubbles, lacking the distinct sticky taste that follows highly hopped bears.

O: With a color that makes you take it to the light and blink a few times, a face melting smell and eye closing taste, this collaboration is bliss. The high alcohol slips by unnoticed, what a fiendishly charming beer. "Like the spring orgasim of beers," in the words of The French Man. We both battled over the last sips and debated ordered another dozen.

On limited time we maximized our palates and ordered a different beer that promised another hoppy adventure. photo (8)

ROOIE DOP Chica American IPA

A: Ruby read and tawny with bright orange tints and a full haze.

S: Cologned spice and over ripe fruit

T: Bitter in a bay way, over saturated hops and candy sweet breads.

M: Smooth with light bubbles that have a hard time cutting the hop resins.

O: Our sense of adventure was doused like a late night camp fire. We both regretted not staying with the safety of Mikkeller. Although drinkable, Chica American IPA should not be bearing the name "America" until has got its hop times correct. Nitch finished the tangy, glob of fizz with grace while The French Man declined further imbibing for fear of Rooie Dop repeat.

[caption id="attachment_763" align="alignleft" width="278"]photo (1) Beer List[/caption]

The food was not exciting, but reasionable prices and simplicy outweighed the gastronomical desire. Cumin gouda and sausage for €4 plus a full menu of tasting accompaniments. Check out for a full menu!

If you are making your way to Paris and have any soul for beer at all, then you will find yourself in the out door seating section of Brewberry. There is nothing more honest, then a small but educated and passionate staff, intimate building that smells like a monastery and bottled beers show casing the love of craft from around the world. Down to earth, welcoming and options for all, this tasting location is a five star salute to the upward movement of beer culture in France.

[caption id="attachment_776" align="alignright" width="224"]Mikkeler Brewberry Beer Fashion item Mikkeler Brewberry Beer Fashion item[/caption]




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  2. american beer geek in parisJune 16, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Her name is Cecille, not Cecillia...and there is no beer on tap aka "au pression". Just thought you should edit your article a bit.

  3. american beer geek in parisJune 16, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    my bad, i spelled cecile with an extra l, what's the point in correcting someone if you don't do it correctly...

  4. I was about to suggest that you could take a flying leap off of rude mountain, but your correction made me laugh and critical assistance is helpful. ^.^ Merci


  5. Loved brewberry when I was there.

  6. There are things "beer cool" cropping up slowly around the world. It is great to be at the beginning of a revolution, isn't it!


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