Tuesday, June 25, 2013

French Home Brewing Adventures

Today was a long, hot, sticky day.

Not because France has finally caught a break and God punched a tropical UV ray hole in the atmosphere. (When WILL we be seeing the effects of this global warming thing?)

It rained a bit and it was oh -so -typically cold, but Nitch (finally!) was hunched over a brew kettle like a fairy tale witch. MalinPont_6_22_12_WitchCauldron2

I did have the help of my live in French character but there is only so much sanitizing and waiting a girl can do before a reward is needed!


The two best parts of home brewing is chatting about beer with friends and sipping home brew while resetting timers. Unfortunately today was day #1 of Nitch's French Home brewing adventure, so there wasn't any under carbonated brew to sip nor, given the sparcity of the region, any like minded home brewers to chat with. The French Man, who had more questions then conversation, spent a lot of time fussing about the differences between website recommendations in French vs. the American English google results. Turns out most French home brewers suggest boiling your water in a series of levels instead of a straight forward "rolling boil."

Who knew

The cooking area is snug, like a child's playhouse kitchen. One might (one might as well expect to) get hit in the head by any manner of things including (but not limited to) flying beetles, falling cob webs, a latter or a wildly flying hose on full blast.
"It has potential!"- in the words of my grandmother

The French Man did help stir and lift heavy objects (as men were created to do) which gave me time to ration out the obscene amount of hops in the Diggity Dank Nugget Recipe sent to me via little brother from Falling Sky Brewing and Fermentation Supply Shop in Eugene Oregon.

Merci Little Brother Bear!


Gravity reading you say?

Oh yeah, took one of those....

She's fermenting in the bathroom, I'll let you know what happens. Cross your fingers, please.

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