Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tastings: Paulaner Hefe and Chimay Red

Nitch needed a night cap!

Nitch's need for beer was satisfied by The French man who obliged with a supermarket pick up of Chimay Peres Trappistes 7% 33cl bottle and a Paulaner 5.5% 50cl bottle.

The Hefe was introduced to my French man's younger sister, a sweet and timid American/French girl not yet legal to drink in the USA but, as a starter beer for an up and coming beer connoisseur, she leans toward the sweetness. This is her review with a few tick comments from moi self. 

Paulaner Hefe Natural Wheat (4.0)

5.5% 500mL poured into a stubby water glass that had been rinsed out.

A: Hard to see through, drab tan and caramel color with thick white head, very heavy amount of lacing 4.0

S: pee and then meat (I don't question other people's notes but I suggested she might be hinting at the yeast smell without knowing what to call it) 4.0

T: Not tart, sticks in back of throat, bland taste and too light 4.0

M: fluffy, smooth and light down the hatch with an almost chewy finish 4.0

O: Really good. 4.0 

I inclined to pointed out that it is an example of it's style, although the glassware should have been a tall tupip shaped pilsner glass and internet gave us the video of a proper yeast filled pour, it was enjoyed innocently as an after dinner drink. 

Chimay Peres Trappistes aka Red (4.13)

A red beer from the selection side of the beer isle for Nitch

A: A ruby brown brightness with fast bubbles and a thick head 4.5

S: Beautiful caramel and banana notes hidden under belgian yeasts with a possible dried fruit or toasted goodness. The high fermented alcohol hits on the nose a little with wonderful tang. (Reminds me of herion says the petite sister) 4.0

T: Sweet zinging red fruit that whizzes into maltiness that is clean but naughty spicy. (This is good, adds The French man after doing a short seated chair dance of delight)4.0

M: My favorite part of the Chimay is the light mouth coating, warming bitterness and then lingering tartness on the sides of the cheeks. I like my Chimay like I like my sex. 5.0

O: This tartlet is sip-able, cookable and a dream to look at with lovely drawn back hop that melts into a roasty, meaty malt and belgian yeast that isn't afraid of its fruity aspects. All around sweet heart of a beer. 4.0

Nitch's rating of 1-5 with 3 being average

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