Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tasting- Monteith's Brewing Co.

Monteith's Brewing Company has a funky and user friendly website that draws you to all the exciting new aspects of their marketing team. Wild food challenge, side scrolling history beginning with Capt. James Cook and ending in the revival and reopening of their brewery and loads of other distracting clicky things.

The brewery was locally owned back in 1868 until it was purchased by DB Breweries who, at one very lame part of their ownership, decided to shut the local pub down- causing three full months of local bitching before reopening. The new refurbished brewery in the same location as the old one (Greymouth, NZ)- beer culture revival giving legs to a historical sight one again!

On the chain of ownership above DB Breweries is a mix of name changes and dates that lead to Heinekin, who holding 95.3% of the stock, run the show.

Monteith's beer on the other hand hasn't been much of a ride but it sure has a stability and historical claim that one could wink at. It'll always be there!

Monteith's Samples

MONTEITH'S BREWING Co.- Single Source Lager 5%DSC_0228

A: Mustard yellow, caramel, bubbly white head

S: Barley, light hops

T: Very fresh

M: Smooth

O: Crisp, definition of lager

DSC_0076 2MONTEITH'S BREWING Co,- Winter Ale Dopplebock 6.0%

A: Chocolate brown with red hints and a full white head

S: Caramel

T: A rounded malty sweetness, with light spices like clove and nutmeg

M: Dry

O: A nice bitter finish pulls together the winter warmer, but leaves one actually warmed. At 6%, the dopple-ness isn't there- I'd call this a brown ale and be on with it.

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