Saturday, August 25, 2012

Archive Bar, Brisbane, Australia

Nov 26th at Archive in Brisbane West End

Bar gets beer from brewery

Cloe says Murray’s is best

Dark Ale pale/dark by white rabbit


Aus. is 20years behind US

Redback was 1stbrewers

2000 lil like Sierra Nevada

has attached bottle shop

425Ml is 14/15 oz glasses

per abv $, 23/24 $ per Lt.

Brennon is Burleigh brewer

Metallic taste may be age/over handling

Madd Abbott or Wicked Elf – Belgian

Old Admiral Lord Nelson

A: very dark brow, not hazy

S: sweet, caramel

T: toasty

O: like Guinness, but sweeter and less cream feel. Fruit taste, strawberry maybe due to nz hops?

The Harvest Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth

A: light yellow with thick white head

S: soft hoppy aroma

T: bitter front, balanced very well. Passion fruit hops

O: Leo says he gets a mineral taste from the water used

Double Trouble Abbey Ale Holgate 8%

A: bright tan, cream head, slow bubbles

S: rum like

T: bread finish, back of mouth lingering raisin


O: cheese/dessert beer. Strong and soft sweet with a malty/hearty texture

Heart of Darkness Murray’s 9.6% “Belgio” Imperial stout

A: dark with red highlights

S: curry, pasta, basil, chocolate

T: bread (yeast) like Belgian, malty and chocolate but not too coffee or roasted. Lingering chocolate

O: pours in bitter and hoppy then finishes chocolate. In love! Strong and loving. Shippable, gulp able, hearty and soft. It burst flavor but doesn’t give you a caffeine headache. Pours with a syrup consistency. Fizzes like a redhead in heat.

“When its too black, I don’t feel the ingredients” –Leo

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