Sunday, August 5, 2012

International Beer Day

International Beer Day!
August fifth 2012

The Day has Arrived!

This is a fun, slow moving day in honor of the men and woman who bring us the nectar of the gods in pretty glasses and plastic pints, kegs shined to their best armor tone and peaceful thanks given to the cornucopia of hops, malts, yeasts and clear waters that melt together with the leading hand of thousands of gifted beer crafters.


Nitch's gift on Facebook was received from the brother Bear and will be collected in the next coming months, beauty that he knew a lovely thick dark beer would tickle my keyboard. 

Closest party sites to the Nitch?

The Nashville Pub
The London Town Pub

Although these are lovely American and English styled Pubs, it would have been nice to get some of the Frenchies involved, elusive as they are, I might have been able to get the owners of the new Delirium Cafe to roll out some specials, had I known more about this extravagantly beer-a-ful day in advance.  

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