Monday, August 13, 2012

Tasting: Ten Duinen and Artevelde

Once more we take hands and skip our way over to the Delirium Cafe for some refreshing Tastings!
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Ten Duinen rated 3.85/5

Draft into a chalice

A: Lots of lacing, heavy thick head, hazy covered beige with deep orange hints 4.0

S: Alcohol confronts the senses then makes way for a belge yeast with nice floral touches 3.5

T: The tastes move from tangy bitter to a smooth creamy spice before finishing with a roasted malt. There are light hidden rasin or prune flavors and a strong alcohol coating that warms the belly nicely. 4.0

M: Medium body 3.5

O: An alcoholic kick starts the battle between bitter and sweet, but when the viel of hops clears there is a very well balanced lingering on the palate. Extremely pleasing beer. 4.0

Artevelde Grand Cru rated 3.05/5

330 ml Bottle

"The original Artevelde (#144) was first marketed on the 5th July 1985, and then in 1987 the brewery decided to rightly improve things and had their first stab at bottle conditioning a beer."

"He was also known widely as the ‘Master Brewer of Ghent’ such was his love for making beer."

"Jacob van Artevelde was murdered by a mob of his own townspeople and is in many ways a martyr to the city of Ghent." 
Read more at engrossing and eloquent Belgian Beer Odyssey

A: Big, bright and airy, this robust brew forms a massive head on top a dark, stormy body. 4.0

S: Big malts, caramelized sweetness and light floral hops with belge yeast 3.0

T: Boots in with a strong caramelized malt as to be expected from the smell, then turns out a red fruit taste and delicate bitter herb script before finishing with rebound on the sweet side 3.0

M: Medium body with a mid level of carbonation, sits a little too long on the palate 3.0

O: Although a lovely brew the bittering agent isn't balanced with the sweetness the way that I was looking for after the first few sips. Great aesthetically and a fantastic back story, I feel that it holds more love for Grand Cru enthusiasts then with someone of my bitter loving tastes. 3.0

Rated 1-5 with 3 being average

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