Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hess Brewing 2 Year Anniversary!


Hess Brewing, one of Nitch's Favorite Nano-Breweries, are celebrating their 2nd anniversary this Saturday from Noon until 6. Serving up some incredible beers in a humble building in the industrial park area of north San Diego, this is a birthday bash you will relish telling your children you attended. 

Two years of Hessing and God bless the two gents, Mike and Michael, who first rolled it out! As I can recall from the beginning of brewing they were making exceptional crafts with local ingredients, simple and well executed brews with a punch that balanced beautifully. Although the names of the beers aren't always a slick roll to pronounce with Ex Umbris, Intrepidus and Amplus, once you get the swing of the latin switch up, the titles simply bounce off your tongue. Usually the words are also rebounding off the heads of your peers, as Hess has been slowly growing since it's birth in 2010 into a cult following. 

If you are anywhere near the area on this Saturday, pop in and enjoy the TWO live bands along with TWO catering restaurants, all of the entirely underground savvy and eco intelligent type.

RSVP here on facebook

If you are over 21 take a tour through the Hess Brewing website for some visually delicious brew information.

As Nitch is residing in the French regions of France, she'll have to toast the Hess crew with a few private friends this evening. Since it isn't fitting to have another brewer's beer while celebrating the birthday of a brewery, we'll pop champagne and HAZA! to the Hess Brewing Team for all their Great beer. No Exceptions. No Excuses.

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