Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ballast Point and BrewDow Collab

A Big Wapping High Five 

to the team at Ballast Point for landing a collaboration gig with BrewDog! Being one of the biggest and most world renowned brewers of epic, wacky, tasty and expensive brews, Scottish based BrewDog has been mixing with some of the greats for a very long time. Ballast Point earns mega points for catching the Dog wave and representing San Diego with a backbone of great local standing and over 10 years of solid craft brewing, there could have no better a match. 

Not to mention the lush point that Ballast Point is the ONLY liquor producer in CA with Three Sheets Rum standing on it's own legs for a few years now, us on lookers licking our lips for the Devil's Share that is currently cooking in barrels, YUM.

If any of you readers in San Diego want to trade my currency (euros, french ones) for your San Diego Scotch Ale and shipping to France costs, Nitch would delightfully exchange the useless pieces of paper via internet for the bottled baby of joy!

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