Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beer and Bling

Where fashion is concerned, Nitch is as susceptible to the lure of a Gucci bag as to the ecstatic find of a vintage gem broach or up cycled innovation. There are things that should not be made, forgotten in the rifts of poor marketing or silly flash displays of personal interests. While it is an indulgence to be able to show your love of a genre, it is a sin to plaster yourself with trash. 
Don't wear something you wouldn't drink.
 Unlike the pieces above, the following finds have character and depth, complexity and talent coupled with the charitable trait of being purchasable by us less artistic but equally beer geeky folks.  

He is rummaging his way through the hemp pants section, hesitating with a hand on the olive green, full length style when your lingering gaze is discovered. Dread locks in a wrap, faint traces of eye liner from the night before and the smell of nag champa envelope him like a gypsy angel, but you have promised yourself no more homeless, loafing men in your life. He extends a hand, warm smile and greeting as you notice, nestled in his jungle of braided twine bracelets- a beer bead bracelet. Hallelujah!
Beer beads, wood tubes hand wrapped with up-cycled beer labels, then triple coated to ensure water resistance. Along with dark wood rounds, they are laced with 1mm brown help onto 2mm brown leather, finished with an antiqued brass button clasp. 

The Rouge Nation meeting was beginning as the crowd of beer logo wearing regulars buzzed into open setting for the monthly talk on new brews. He was tapping his glass to calm the chatter, when a plump, bright lady bussled in from the street, wind gushing in from the winter season outside. She was new to the meetings and her full figure suggested a great of love all things consumable while her cropped red dress accentuated her ample upper half, her eyes twinkled brightly behind horn glasses and under a dark crop of curls. She was ravishing, bubbling with life and color, there seemed no reason for her to be attending a beer snobbery meeting. He was about to inquire where is was she needed directions to when he spotted the unique wearable art piece that dominated her voluptuous neckline: she was a fashion writer gone Rogue.

Each creation in my Kassie Ollvera's Portland Oregon shop is handmade without the use of molds. Each piece is one of a kind, guaranteed to grab attention and insite envy.

Ally Shaw Designs

A quick movement of repetition as she tucks a bit of hair behind her ear and leans over the brewing vat, her necklace slipping from the shirt collar to dangle over the liquid like a magical christening. It's brew-day and your favorite brewster is messing about with champagne yeast. She has a thing for Belgians. And bling

Ally Shaw Designs
This necklace celebrates the ancient beverage with a weighty and beautifully detailed pewter hop flower pendant which hangs from a gunmetal chain. A tiny grouping of Swarovski crystals represent the Lovibond or SRM beer spectrum. Hop bead is hand-cast in lead free pewter.

Add these Beer Flight earrings for a true beer alluring set.

Let me know if you have any uniquely artistic beer bling favorites!

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