Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tasting: Krombacher Pils

Krombacher Pils 4.8% Nitch rated 2.83

adhering to the Reinheitsgebot

A: A very bright, caramel to hay color with bright, spritely bubbles 4.0

S: Grains and yeasts follow, slowly, by a malt or two. 3.0

T: for sure a pilsner with a very pilsnery, pils pop. very carbonated, grain and yeast then a lingering grassy. 2.5

M: harsh and dry 3.0

O: like taking a yeasty roll in the hay this Pils embodies that simmering hot summer day when you were too stupid, too poor and too sweaty to linger in the beer isle. The problem with his beer boys and girls is that as soon as the chill haze wears off, so does the delightful bitter carbonated refreshment that first excites you. Not unlike young love, this beer is good for a quick July night under the stars, just make sure that there is plenty of ice in the cooler and a more then one. 3.0

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