Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tasting- Little Creatures

"20772867_1_logoStarting life sometime around the "turn of the century", Little Creatures Brewing was born out of the love of great beer shared by some friends that had all worked together in breweries at some time or other in the past…in particular it was a love affair for a style of beer that we all wanted to drink, that of a hop driven pale ale."

Little Creatures is likely one of the better known Australian craft brewers. Hailing from Fremantle (Perth area) and widely distributed, they claim to have great roots in the beer culture, but have a commercial birth. Established in 2000 by Matilda bay brewing Comany, currenlty owned by a chain: Little world beverages, owned by Lion Nathan, owned by Kirin, owned by Mitsubishi. If you have a chain, then ya ain't got freedom! But, I'm sure that Mitsubishi car moguls don't have too much say in how the beer is made, so lets stick to the important things and put away our posters and paints. For now...


[caption id="attachment_1010" align="alignright" width="214"]Bright Ale outta the ol' wine glass Bright Ale outta the ol' wine glass[/caption]

A: Mild yellow, little head that quickly disappeared

S: Sweet, floral, hoppy

T: Thin bubbles, not bitter

M: Sticky

O: Well rounded, very drinkable

DSC_0113 5My next run in with the Little Creatures creations was in Byron Bay at the Balcony Bar, whom (as I've stated before for another tasting) served me off tasting oysters and served nothing in the way of apologies.  If beer didn't exist then I'd be blogging about oysters, so I'm sure I snob about that as well. The servers were rude about the whole ordeal and I left feeling gastronomically abused. Beer is the important thing, this time around, so Nitch will bitch less and beer more.

LITTLE CREATURES- Roger’s Beer “midi” 3.8% 568ml $9.5

A: red, brown with tawny highlights. Bright tan head

S: light hop smell, green, light toasted

T: not much, roasted a bit, bitter in the middle

M: grassy, sticky feel

O” a typical “midi” range Aussie beer. The look doesn’t match with flavor. It’s a filler

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