Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Delirium Cafe Orleans

Nitch always says you can tell the quality of an establishment by the design and up keep of the bathroom

No pictures of the real bathroom at the moment, due to financially prolonged camera breakage. But this place looks cool too...

Painted in a solid pastel elephant hallucination pink and clean as pre brewing equipment the bathrooms at the Delirium Cafe Orleans wins another vote of awesome from The Nitch. "Rose" the qaiter suggested as I neared the toilet area courisly titled "WC". 

Walls adorned delicately with beautiful posteres of every beer flavor god never intended graced the peto bismal walls: cheery (kriek), strawberry (framboise), chocolate, passionfruit (fruit exotic) and mango

After the personal tour and relief, entertainment!

A piece of writing for the beer called Bush:

The head is thick but unpasteurized.

He appeals like the American leader-
boasting and big words, 
that aren't correctly pronounced. 
Over adorned with little depth, squeezed into a fancy dressing.

He tosses his high glass with pride! 
Full of imagined floral odors,
like the Presidents' rose garden.
His legs don't stand up,
his head falls quickly, 
he looks like his consumer will soon be-
rose cheeked, showy and loaded for destruction.

Bush Ambree 33cl 12% 5€20 Nitch rated 2.68/5

"strongest belgian beer"

A: Rosey copper with bright coral color when in the light, thin white head that falls quickly, heavy lacing 4.0

S: Alcohol, meaty malt caramel sweet and belgian yeast. As warmed the smell gets a more bread tone and floral notes. 2.5

T: Alcohol, vodka caramel on back of the tongue, but weak hints at a malt, spices and a musk of fermentation. 2.5

M: Chewy, sticky with lingering ethonal in the back of the throat 2.5

O: Off balance as it falls into the pits of becoming a liquor. The warming of the liquor didn't help the tastes which were hard to get into the mouth because of the burning eyes. At 12% the alcohol is wacky, but nothing I haven't seen before. Heavy handed, which leaves the brew rather a novelty instead of a drinkable delight. 3.0

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