Thursday, July 5, 2012

Delirium Café Orléans

Back on French soil and to the delight of all, work has been underway to prepare for The Nitch's arrival! My French man's hometown of Orleans has become the second city in the world to host a Delirium Café, the other of course being in Brussels, Belgium.
The striking building cruises right along the water in a new shopping complex, seating is fresh and untouched along with the copious mounts of odd items plastered with the Delirium pink elephant. The two-week-old establishment’s virgin ripeness makes my mouth water, her doors wide open, sun umbrellas in full glory, with only a few customers milling around in the excessive amount of outdoor and indoor seating. Overly decorated like a first date, she heaves with color, a cartoon mural of a drunk Brussels night scene,  it feels like an adult playhouse.

10 taps glisten in the cool July sunshine:

                                                  25cl     50cl


Campus 5°                  2€40     4€50

Delirium Tremens 5°8       3€50     5€50

Guilloitine 8°5            3€50     5€50

Blanch des neiges 4°8      4€80     5€50

Paulaner 4°9               2€80     5€00

Loirette 5°5               3€50     6€50

Bieres aux fruit

Floris Kriek 3°6           4€00     7€50

Floris du moment           4€00     7€50

Delirium Red 8°5           3€50     6€50


Faro St. Louis 3°2         3€50     6€50

Ten Duinen 7°              3€50     6€50


Guinness 4°2               3€50     7€00

                       Delirium Nocturnum 8°5     3€50     6€50

The Loirette, Paulaner and Campus come in 250cl tall share vats that we'll get into at a later time.

We started with a quick chat to the busy looking bar man about how to aquire a menu, as in France nothing is offered. Along with the menu we were greatfully presented a crisp black book titled “The  Bible”. Although I know France has a long history with many battles won and lost in the name of that book, this presentation of devout commitment was a oath testament to the grain gods: a complete history, science, making of and venue list for Biere.

My French wasn’t up to par but Leo recounted some of the more important facts including that old tale about how men used to work in the field while beer was made at home by the women.

With the drool literally glistening on his lips Leo conversed with the manager about the “Grand” style of beer, originating in northern france with special care and handling much like a wine.

Lets start light:

L’Angelus Brassee a annuellin 75cl 7% $13.50

Served in a large, high chalice glass and popped open like a champagne the manager whisps a light, “my I?” before pouring the bright, golden liquor in perfect presentation.

A: golden bright urine color with fast bubbles that are small. Thin white head

S: Banana, fruitness, sweet, sweet mald/fermentation tingle

T: Rich golden malt, tart, yeast

M: Coasted sticky, almost cream

O: “alright” a good beer, daily drink, light but very fruity not heavy like a Belgian not bitter either but tangy sweet and mild with body

And then we dipped our eager hands into the gold of the northern French.


La Biere du Demon 33cl $7.50

Meaning The beer of Demon this lustly little number has the title of strongest blond in the world

A: light yellow, blond

S: Feet! Ham, fermentation, sweetness and possible death

T: like a malt liquor, sweet and strong. Bitter start, malty to a sweet alcochol

M: Creamy, like sucking a pearl

O: “smells like bacon!” Roasted, toasted malt that draws a sweetness. Sugar brings fermentional and they maxxed the sugar content to a strong, good beer. Sweet but balanced, you know what you are getting into with a beer like that, but the body isn’t syrup like you’d expect. Light body, fizzing bubbles and a lady’s drink.



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