Friday, July 20, 2012


While living, working and beering in San Diego, CA I had the pleasure to regularly sample (or frequently devour)and distribute Pubcakes!

Pubcake shirt

Pubcakes aren't the only beer toting sugar junkies out there, check out these other blenders of richness:

Sweet Revenge In New York, NYC with Beer/cake pairings and a Beer Cocktail list (this company name is extremely popular with another in Honolulu and one in British Columbia, watch out, not all cupcakes are made equal.)

Even the Vegans are riding this crazy train with Beer and Vegan Mocha Cupcakes from Sweet Desire Bakery in Ashland, Oregon

Sweet & Stout from Spokane, Washington has a saliva inspiring video on Kickstarter looking to raise funds for their up start company with a lot of media coverage.

Online advocates at The Cupcake Brewery from Raleigh, North Carolina


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