Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bali's Bintang Obsession

Walking down the streets of Bali, Indonesia will provide the tourist with the absolute conclusion that the official flag of Bali is:

Instead of t-shirts sporting the Indonesian or Balinese patriotism, Bintang pilsner is the most commonly seen, consumed product on the island. Being sold at all venues much like a bottle of water, restaurants that do not have a liquor license are more then welcome to place the beer on the menu, without question.

Bintang Pilsner 2.2

4.7% usually costing $1-3 and served in bottle, can, or draft

A: Super carbonated mostly clear with hints of a yellow tint, topped with a fast falling crown of large bubbles much like fresh piss. 2.5

S: Weak floral and malt notes with a distinct lager yeast. 2.5

T: Sweet sugared corn and rice adjuncts, an almost lost hop and floral reference smothered in bubbled carbonation. 1.5

M: A barely there bikini body and muted lingering hoppiness. 3

O: Serve super cold with no lofty expectations, this beer prides itself in being a water substitute, drink it like it was such and remember to pack sun block, for where there is Bintang, good times follow! Tastes great after a unexpected mouth full of ocean. 3

Officially romancing its way into Nitch's heart, this beer is reflects it's surroundings, zipping abundant and cheaply made. The logo is supported by the "good times" values that all mass produced beers search for with bodies clad in bikinis and sand, sunshine followed by scolding nights and an availability that ensures you will be safe and intelligent without speaking the local language. Just remember BINTANG. At the heart it brings about absolute pleasurable memories or backpacks sticking to sweaty shirts, smiling locals at door steps, motor fuel and whizzing traffic accompanied with the sweet, strange smell of Hindu prayer incense. The symbol of Indonesian life: Bintang.

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