Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Brother! Beards, Bears and Brews

Happy Birthday Bear!

The adorable creature our family loving calls "Bear" has aged 21 years today, accepting the legal grace of the American government, he begins his road to legitimate social alcoholism, friends by his side, family at his heels and stars in his eyes. 

Without his sister Nitch to expertly guide him through the pitfalls of pubs, I celebrate the occasion by putting together an assortment of Beards, Bears and Brews in his honor

Outstanding art work with Beer & Bears by GogoPedro

I joke with my brother about making a beer called "Bearded Bear"
Looks like the dwarfs beat us to it.

If I could have thrown him a party it would have exactly been this. Not only because of the beards on sticks but because there were signs leading people in every direction.

Cartoon dancing bears and fresh water images, should get you all geared up for a night on the town, grab a Hamms if you see one!

See you soon, Brother!

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