Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Biere and Syrup

With the new waves of beer mixology ringing in the underground movement, controversial to purists and fresh to the adventitious, there has always been an element of blending involved in old world countries. 



Hugely popular and an impressive mix to Nitch's palette with one part Picon syrup to four parts lager this delicate fruit/nut kick avoids the sweetness you would expect, more like a high alcohol, low carbonated kriek. 

Holding its ground on malt and body the humdrum Carlsburg, Pelforth or Kronenbourg draft lagers are used as they are cheap, handy and lacking in self confidence. The Picon turns the color a nutty brown and lowers the carbonation, at 18% abv the liquors spice, orange peel and herb infusion make this biere an intoxicatingly delicious option to welcome beerophiles to the world of enchanted beer.

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