Friday, July 27, 2012

Malt-Nutrine and Breast feeding with Beer

Can you hold a baby and a brew?

In 1895 Anheuser-Busch produced Malt-Nutrine, a low alcohol beer that was sold exclusively to pharmacies aimed at helping breastfeeding mothers

The century old belief that the process of breast milk production and breastfeeding can be optimized by having lactating woman drink alcohol, contrarily it may off balance hormones lowering production and ejection of milk from the mammary gland as per the Alcohol Research & Health PDF

Helps baby sleep.

Beast feeding mothers should avoid alcohol entirely.

Mariah Carey did it.

It is a crime to breast feed drunk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs considers Alcohol compatible with breastfeeding in their drug transfer chart, Ethanol. The entire text on The Transfere of Drugs and Other Chemicals into Human Milk is also an invigorating evening read if you have the spare brain cells.

French advertisement showing the mother on the left WITH beer and on the right having a hard time WITHOUT

Nitch VOTE: Plan ahead, don't be a drunk bitch but enjoy a hardy winter chocolate stout or fresh blueberry summer hefe while the kiddie is being passed around the friends and family. Tentatively I toss you a site from the Australian Breastfeeding Association (random associations are freakishly accessible, but leave it to Australians to be pro vote with me), giving sound and learned advice on how to manage your liquid lust with your new little bundle of joy.

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