Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nana's House for Beer

Taking a train to Paris and then a drive through the green, hose laden courntry side to grandma’s house where we are welcomed with a kiss, kiss, bonjour and would you like a biere?
“oh oui gam, gam, we surely would!”

After rejecting the Hoegaarden, she produces a simple common style beer with a cheap looking label. Shock was my name when I see it is actually a Biere du Garde in generic store brand format.  A farmhouse ale, promising golden malt sparkles, malt and grapes cheering one another on in the barn yards of northern france, just the alcohol mildness needed to drive me in the correct route toward being a social French speaker.

Although not completely true to the Biere de Garde style it still holds its roots and does all the dancing tricks that Beer Hunter rants about in their tiff about Northern France.

Reflets de France is akin to Safeway brand items, but because we are in France, they allow someone who has basic understanding and respect for the material to be the purchasing manager. 

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