Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tastings: Raspberry biere, Keizer Karel and Loirette

Floral de mon- Raspberry Biere (3.1)

On-tap into a Pilsner
A: hazy, red fruit color with very heavy lacing and a light pink head 3.0

S: Nothing but fizz and raspberries 3.0

T: She is tart and smooth with light carbonation but doesn't talk back much 3.0

M: No syrup which is a surprise. Light body with no alcohol flavors. 3.5

O: The ladies love it, while the men stare in fear of the lush pink tones and sweet feminine romance of the fruit flavors. 3.0

Keizer Karel- Charles Quint Blond (3.95)

8.5% 33cl bottle into a chalice
"Charles V. born in Ghent, Belgium in 1500 was a devoted beer lover. This top fermented beer has a spicy aroma and a well rounded flavor."

Contains an antioxidant?

A: Robust bright golden yellow, fast bubbles with medium lacing and a thick head with mid range retention, not much unlike my beloved French man, this beer has character. 3.0

S: I smell a man holding corn. Literally there is a hand cream smell that later racked my mind as a mystery scent trying random words like: wool, cologne, musk. Settled accepting it as a spice and floral, "spice of man". 4.5

T: Warms as it slides down the throat, filling all the right places his strong body is biting and then gently honeyed into a malt/corn finish. 4.0

M: Beautifully light in body with the high alcohol content, a soft touch of that cologne stickiness 3.0

O: I had to turn the label around as I finished my notes becuase the man's face was staring right at me, he is pressuring me to say goo things. I compare this to a Delirium Tremens that has been roughed around an axe commericial. He has balls with the high alcohol content, looking to knock a ladies socks off, classy in his approach though, covered in dry malt, spice and packing a delicate hand full of flowers behind his back. Wonderful as all his ways are, his cousin holds much the same appeal without all the grain texture and alcoholic lures but missing the subtle fruit of his family line also makes him a rogue and his charming herby spice is too much to ignore. Handsome beer, ruggedly handsome. 4.0

Loirette (3.28)

Photo by Enn

5.5% on-tap into a chalice
Made in the Loire area near were Nitch lives!

A: Clouded tan, tellow with a thin head and no lacing 2.5

S: With a floral, sugar and grassy smell it brings to mind a riverside in bloom, fresh and sweeping but yeasty like a bakery across the street making morning breads. 4.0

T: She starts with a rush of wicked tang then a mild sweet and sour finish with neglects the wild grassy fruit we were promised while browsing the smells. 3.0

M: Medium body and a slick coating on the mouth 3.0

O: Smells lovely and fresh but the soggy bread, fermented grain sour notes are off putting and stay on the palate. The water is very evident in the smell, body and taste, likely that they use the water from the nearby river as everything about the beer dances with it's name sake. 3.5

Ranking 1-5 with 3 being average

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