Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stone CEO Greg Koch's online argument with vblogger

"I don't get beat down easy, but man forums can really take a lot out of you. I stopped commenting on them as they too often kept me from doing the job I love." -GK

Greg Koch (GK, in trendy kid talk) recently completed a row of video blog battles with well known video blogger StumpyJoeJr (Ryan Reschan). The two had been tossing back and forth video responses to each other about Stumpy Joe's Arrogant Bastard Ale review, in which, he gave the ol' AB a D rating.

Initial Arrogant Bastard Ale Review about one month ago:

GK, as busy as he is, takes time to make a video response to the review. He states that he was caught off guard by the D rating and that the text was written in a different era (1997). He pokes a bit of fun at Ryan's weak, bitter loving palate.
"The beer or me are not the one's saying you're not worthy, that is up to the person themselves to decide."

Ryan responds to GK's video in shock but states that he still thinks the beer is too bitter and that it doesn't have the drinkability of other hoppy ales. He also complains that the Better Beer Authority reviewed AB with some big thumbs down but was rewarded with a personal interview and apology re-review with the Stone CEO meeting while Ryan only got trash talked.

Ryan then goes on to say that he thought GK would contact him directly, in private but instead was handed another video response!

They both seemed highly aggravated by the each other's arrogance, (maybe GK was living up to that famous Arrogant Bastard stereotype), chest pumping with things like: "I feel like you're calling me out a bit here." 

Maybe they should get together and have a beer?

"We shot all this in June at Ryan's house. My 1st 'response' was shot in front of his house, and my 2nd one was shot in his back yard. We were wondering if any of Ryan's friends were going to spot that or not. Each time we shot our segments the other person was just off camera goading & laughing. I really had to push Ryan to be more mean in his responses as it's just not his nature! Thanks Ryan for doing this & helping highlight the importance of civil discourse. You're an awesome dude." -GK

I admit to having a beer geek crush on Greg Koch. He is my Elvis/Jesus/Louis Pasteur and I respect him in the highest manner possible for being nearly the coolest guy alive today (nearly because Bill Nye is still around, my first love). The only thing that would make me love him more is if he was a female.

Which clearly he isn't- note the lush man beard with touches of Sean Connery grey.

Thus, my yt comment was gushing fan goo:

If I make a REAL bitchy beer review of Arrogant Bastard Ale, can I too can get GK in my house, on my couch, drinking my beer, making up words and stoner pausing.


You can come too Ryan.


I couldn't help myself, I was smitten over the delightful turn of events in what otherwise seemed like an extremely awkward internet argument.

Point being, internet conversation degenerates very quickly into trollish commentaries thusly the collaboration on a funny video blogging to demonstrate civil discourse, well played gentlemen, well played.

R&R Coconut IPA (so named for home brewer competition winners, Ryan and Robert) talked about in a quick interview with Beer Geek Nation:


I want a Greg Koch to tackle me.

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