Thursday, July 25, 2013

Steampunk Beer Lamp


Beer Lamp For The Steampunk Beer Cave Of Your Dreams!

First, pick out vintage bottles with the peared creation site 'bottle browser". Each bottle comes with a complete historical background, so you know you're getting the real deal.

Then, chat up the company- they are open to questions, willing to international ship and generally seem like down to earth awesome! Steampunk'ed! W00t! Nerd zone!

"This lamp is constructed from industrial style black iron piping. The vintage bottle is firmly secured by custom rubber gaskets that grasp the bottle without causing damage. A low wattage bulb is used to illuminate the vintage amber bottle producing a warm ambient light. A rotating faucet handle serves as a switch to turn the light on and off, a new feature we are excited about! Power is supplied by a retro style cloth covered lamp cord and plug.

The featured brewery bottle in this listing is from the Cumberland Brewing Co of Maryland but due to sales a similar/custom bottle will replace the one featured. Each dates between 1890 - 1920 and is very heavy duty with ornate embossing (Don't make them like this anymore!) "

-Etsy site



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