Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tasting- St. Landelin- La Divine

La Divine is on sale! Local market selling them at 1 euro 18 each, so I picked up as many as I could carry and packed them into my back room of beerdom. Being too lazy to hit up the bottle shop this week and the warm weather demanding a post work brew, La Divine is attending the party.

Photo on 7-2-13 at 7.55 PM

Brewed by St. Landelin under Brasseurs Gayant  in that frenchly complicated brewing chain, the Divine beer has no proud owner (other then the share holders) but does hail from abbey country.

[caption id="attachment_1150" align="alignright" width="210"]Une-biere-au-pamplemousse-rose-pour-les-Brasseurs-de-Gayant_vignette Why color me pink, Katie, looks like they DO make beer coolers after all![/caption]

The website showcases their new marketing tactic: La Divine Pamplemousse (Grapefruit). La Divine failure! It is embarrassing (to all parties involved) when companies market toward women in such half ass'ed ways. If I find this pink monster at the shop, I'll be sure to grab a bottle to give a try before passing complete hate judgement on it. ... I lie. I hate it because of the packaging and wouldn't be caught as a zombie buying it.

While researching La Divine, I found that Liquid Diet (not Jack Curins's Liquid Diet) did a review of this brew in 2009 and was able to pull out more enthusiasm and interest then was I. It's one of those things, ya know, when you get something that is difficult to find in your part of the world, you gush. Me? These were on the stock clearance rack and I was the only person loading up on em.

That being said, I agree with a lot of the tasting points made on the Liquid Diet. La Divine is malty and meaty, with no hop notes and a bitter twang of a smell. The high alcohol cuts the head retention so it isn't a beauty to look at, but hits your belly like a champ.

[caption id="attachment_1151" align="alignleft" width="384"]Photo on 7-2-13 at 8.33 PM #2 Heck yes American food! Heck no Nitch doesn't take good foodie pictures! If it isn't beerporn then it doesn't warrant retakes and good lighting- no time.[/caption]

Liquid Diet also mentions that this beer might be good for a bbq- just so turns out that is exactly what we are doing. And it does. The gravity and sweet yeasty malt of La Divine cuts through the jerk chicken wings and buttery potato skins like an American joke in french cuts comedy. My American cooking is dazzling the French once again (although my jokes might not be), as the potato skins are a novelty hit. I try to explain about .15 chicken wing nights but it just makes Americans look worse then really are.

A chicken wing in one hand and a mostly warmed glass of La Divine in the other, Nitch signing off- Get Off Your Computer and Go Enjoy The Weather!


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