Friday, July 12, 2013

Beer Origami Art

moose beer thingThere is nothing better than mixing two loves in life to create one magically delicious feast for the mind: wifi and coffee, bacon and donuts, bath time and beer, origami and bear moose.

Beer Origami Art

[caption id="attachment_1254" align="alignright" width="430"]anderson-valley-brewing-logo Moose Bear inspired beer origami[/caption]

OriirO shared this skillfully crafted piece of artwork on today inspired by a bottle of Anderson Valley's Seasonal Winter Solstice. The moose bear logo of Anderson Valley is turned into a grey wood pulped mass of Japanese folding expertise.

Origami is one of those art forms that requires geometry skills, patience and a touch of insanity. Master origami artist Eric Joisel talked in an art film I once watched about how mastering origami takes a bit of insanity and, "well, I'm a french man, so I'm naturally a bit crazy.' Crazy like a fox! Nitch, always on the quest to turn everything into beer, fully supports mental illness, as long as it is channeled into making happy beery things for her hungry art loving ming.

[caption id="attachment_1255" align="alignleft" width="361"]Hoppin-Frog-Logo The only origami I know how to do is a frog, but it won't look anything like Hoppins Frog's Frog mascot.[/caption]

Hopefully we'll be seeing more beer origami from our friend OriirO, as I'd love to see an origami hop or creatures from other breweries. A dogfish head brought to life? Or a New Belgium bicycle?

Not only is beer origami good for table art and creative expression but origami could come in real handy:

How to make an emergancy beer glass with origami

Once again, Nitch bringing you the culture, art and oddities of the ever expanding culture of beer. 


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