Monday, October 14, 2013

Hannibal Tv series features female craft beer lover

Hats off for the Hannibal Tv series for showcasing a craft beer loving female lead

Caroline Dhavernas's character Dr. Alana Bloom prefers to drink beer when socializing with the cannibal Dr. Hannibal in NBC's Tv series based on the novel Red Dragon.

beer over wineHaving never had the pleasure of reading the novel the Tv series is based on, I can't comment as to the original character's drinking preference but I will say that this was an intentional aspect of the Tv show's character writers.

Dr. Bloom's preference for beer sets her apart from, but on the same sophisticated level as, her fine dining colleagues. Demonstrating that, not only is craft beer no longer just for men, but it's also for drinkers with discerning palates.

i loveSign of a true beer geek? Sniff, sniff, sniff!

sniff sniff!Dr. Bloom airs a sense of specialized individualism that adds depth to her playful, down to earth character.

appointmentEven Dr. Hannibal starts to advocate the superiority of beer and food pairings when he servers a dish of south Indian curry made from sheep. Based in a coconut coriander chili sauce and served with a home brewed beer sporting hand written labels and swing top bottles. Wine doesn't pair well with curry- someone on the Hannibal set has been reading The Brewmaster's Table.

dinnerBeer geeks are constantly looking at what beers are being used in the entertainment they frequent, but this is more than Walt from Breaking Bad ordering a Fat Tire on tap or Sweetwater IPA in the season 4 trailer of Walking Dead, this is use of craft beer to define a character. A female character! One that is discerning, original and ... Geeky. Respect.

"I know more about beer than you"





  1. Mads Mikkelsen AND beer?! Why didn't anybody tell me about this show??
    Thanks Nitch!

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