Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Brew Dog Boys Balance Beer Yoga

Brew Dog TV en route to inner peace


The two founders of Brew Dog James Watt and Martin Dickie are known for being obnoxiously young, cool and avant garde. They've taken the American idea of outlandish and shameless marketing to new levels with public campaigns to convert the drinking masses into craft beer lovers. And now they've taken over the television (in America anyway).

They do a lot of silly stuff ... a lot. Also a lot of really good stuff, that might be weird but sometimes works.

Can't we exploit that?

Brew Dogs TV is one of a kind television show where the Brew Dog Boys run around America doing ridicoulous things with famous brewers in beer infested cities.

Food pairing, beer virgin conversion and a lot of quippy one liners. LOTS of quippy-ness.

Episode #1 felt extremely staged- like each line was edited after reading from a script. Which might have been first time camera shyness or the fact that they were standing next to beer legend Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, a man known for his on camera charisma.


In true BrewDog fashion, they are gimmicky and outlandish, which could (understandably) be the reason why traditional beer lover types find them annoying.

I find them annoying. But also a bit endearing. It might help that they are both rather handsome young gents who have accents like Sir Sean Connery.sean connery jim beam

In episode #2 the guys lighten up slightly, the editing is less choppy and the viewer begins to get used to James and Martin’s wide eye’d impishness. The stupidly gimmicky things they are doing become acceptable- they aren't going to stop doing it, so might as well enjoy.

Aside from having an extensive library of beer related words used to describe beers, the Brew Dog boys don’t do much more then make comedic twitter sized statements and shove food items in their mouth and nose. Engineer David does technical work and has more then one scene where they boys say something and he just stars at them blankly.

Unbelievable how much money these two have and Engineer David is there to make all their punky child star toy dreams come true.

Thank you David for holding it together.


Balancing Beer with Brewsanas

While they are #Mashtag'ing beers and annoying Americans, Adrienne Rinaldi aka BeerSnobChick is mashing together yoga and beer.

James and Martin need their chakras inlined. Episode #3 airs tonight and although I won't be able to watch it until the pirates send out their life raft- the facebook post of James doing a bit of beer drinking and balancing hints that the Scot lads will be getting their namaste on.
 “I love teaching in the brewery setting,” Rinaldi says. “It’s so unique, and attracts people who would never try yoga because they’re intimidated to go inside a studio where everyone is really bendy.”

Rather or not a bit of deep breathing and eagle pose will balance out the juvenile creativity of the Brew Dog Tv gents, we'll be entertained none the less.

While the show is unique and excessively innovative, I'd far more enjoy a sun salutation in a warm wort air infused brewery. But if you can't get outside for some fresh air or inside for some socializing and (yoga) beer then watch yourself some Brew Dog Tv.

Namaste Beer Punks


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