Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quickie, Geekie, Good at Express de Lyon

Express de Lyon is Paris's stop over craft beer location because it is located so conveniently, as I've talked about before. Just jump out of the Gare de Lyon and cross the street- Bam, instant beer geek surprises await you.

I like surprises and I happen to be at Gare de Lyon.

It goes a little sumthin like this...

What's that Mikkeller Stout ya got up there with the squiggly lines by the name? It says the abv is 17%- sounds like hell.

Wana try it?

Fuck yes, I do. (The 2 ounce pour gave me a buzz.)

I'll take it.

How about this nice Chimay Rouge we got just got in- c'est tres bon!

Yeah, yeah, I'll drink your free samples. (Pretend to be interested in beer)

Naw, naw, that's all malty red fruits and surprisingly good balance. I'm looking more for something that will immediately give me a fun loving beer goggle effect.

You seem to have a Mikkeller Barley Wine up there that says it is 18%, does it come in pints?

It's a 14cl pour but it's better then the Tokoyo Stout.

Sold- fill her up.

DSC02065I hate chardonnay. I don't know why I ordered this beer. Fucking attractive bar guy with his stupidly cute fohawk not getting my "I'm drinking alone and looking to get drunk, please talk to me" non verbal signals. Stop making me laugh and enjoy your free samples!

When will my Beer lovers dating website registration be confirmed? Damn rustic stone building, blocking my wifi signal.

Express de Lyon's MIKKELLER- Barely Wine from hell

A: Huge head, massive. Look at the picture, it's obscene. (And it takes up a lot of space in my little glass, I want a refill)

S: Just smells like a fucking chardonnay beer to me. Grapes that have been smushed on a barn floor covered with hay.

T: This is one of those sipping beers.

O: You sip and your mouth holds the liquid refusing to swallow. Act cool, you'll get it down. Your mind does a manual over ride and- down the hatch! A burning shiver starts at the back of your tongue and travels down to your forearm hairs.

If I didn't have another half glass of this stuff, I'd not do that again. Don't wince when your nose gets to it, someone might be looking!

Nitch signing off after one mini drink. I'm drunk and already have a hard time navigating the metro without all the haze and personal fits of laughter. Wish me luck!


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