Friday, October 11, 2013

Defining Beer Geek with Boris Goudenov

Welcome to Tasing Nitch

the video edition

Today, we are going to define what a beer geek is.

And what will we be drinking?

desriptif_boris-e6738Brasserie Corrézienne's- Boris Goudenov a 10.5% abv imperial stout

A: Black as coffee with a brown lush head

S: Alcohol, coffee, chocolate and roasted malts abound

T: Strength! Il est fort! Huge chocolate and coffee notes with a nice dried red fruit under pinning the bitter chocolate bite.

O: Although the alcohol hides ya rather hard in the face, it is a fun SIPPING beer. It should be sipped. And enjoyed.

I had my first run in with the boozy effects of the stout a few days ago at the French love hotel and was so smitten by the brooding noir that I had to do it all over agin. Solo.

Second go around, I was boozing on my lonesome and talking about geek shirts, geek festivals, beer geeky comics and of course beards.

Thumbs up for beer geeky beer!

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  1. Nitch,

    Nice post as usual! Would you mind dropping me a line at my email ?

    I have a few questions regarding American Craft beer in Paris.