Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tasting- Brasserie Corrézienne Dordogne Valley DIPA

[caption id="attachment_1454" align="alignnone" width="816"]DSC01577 This might be the last time you see this label[/caption]

Brasserie Corrézienne- Dordogne Valley DIPA

That's double indian pale ale (DIPA) for none IPA specialists.

The Dordogne Valley is not only the name of the rainbow sporting IPA but also a place (not to be missed)!

A: Caramel touched orange peel with a full white head

S: Very fruity and floral

T: Not very bitter at the frist sip. A super grapefruit/cirtus fruit hop blast with an earthy assault as the nose enters the tasting station. As usual, the smell is more sweet green than the taste can deliver, as the malts and honeyed malt pull to the front.

O: Okay, I'll state here forward that this is the BEST IPA style beer I've had made by the French. Kudos to Brasserie Corrézienne with Dordogne Valley DIPA! A fuzzy bunny source of mine has stated that this rainbow label is on the way out which is a bit of a relief and a disappointment. IPA is a hard color to define, as I'll later rant more about. Rainbow might be the best way to describe this new wave, hipster eclectic style but for the time being, Brasserie Corrézienne makes, I'll sample. EXCITED FOR MORE!

[caption id="attachment_1459" align="alignright" width="300"]desriptif_dordogne_site_copie-8dd75 Brasserie Corrézienne Dordogne Valley DIPA caption[/caption]

The Brasserie Corrézienne website does an exceptional job of displaying Dordogne Valley DIPA's information with a sliding graph visual:

As this bottle was opened Nitch happened to be on the way to an over night camping event. Drinking in the car in France?
“ long as I’m under the limit, it’s okay”

Does the French man mean under the speeding limit or under the blood alcohol limit? No matter, as we are parked waiting for our friend to gather this luggage and arrange his hair.

[caption id="attachment_1453" align="alignleft" width="300"]DSC01629 Nitch sans beer, on the river 'beach' taking in some camping sunshine[/caption]

As the Dordogne Valley DIPA warms it gains more strength in bitter content which makes both driver and passenger peddle to the floor with delight. Happy hop beer- Camping here we come! 


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