Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tasting- HOME

Hello Mr. Pump-Clip Parade contestant #1!

If you haven't heard of the pump-clip parade it is best that you drop over for a scan of the best (and worst) that beer culture has to offer in the way of utilizing sexuality for marketing purposes. This bottle below, HOME by a French microbrewery, shows how women can be used in the brewing process to up sales- tie them to the phone.

[caption id="attachment_1439" align="alignleft" width="384"]HOME American Pale Ale HOME American Pale Ale[/caption]


The name of brewery seems to have been misplaced in my excitement over the the daringly dirty pump-clip label and the name itself isn't ripe ground for internet searches in a the sparse French microbrewery landscape.

A: Light chill hazed, golden blond with medium lazy bubbles. Huge head. Too much head. Head falls quickly. Could be the glass...

S: Wet hops more like old wet hops as there is a touch of staleness.

T: Bitter assault to the novice palate, but Nitch's nearly dead bitter receptors aren't impressed. Light malts come through as the beer warms and balances better but who has time to wait?

M: Light to medium body

O: Not enough malt to balance the hops. You get the smell of western hops, light and bitter sweet then nothing- fades to bland, disappointment. I mean groovy attempt and what not, text book middle of the run Pale Ale but with such an eye-catchingly raunchy label and, with the style very pointedly "American Pale Ale," (me being an American) I feel slightly disapprovingly responsible. I don't feel tied to the phone for this beer. But maybe this is the beer French pump-clippers assume us sex phone types fall for. Wrong. Try again. Better luck next time!



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